A small capsule in collaboration with an up and coming artist, Jack Harlow, and his personal creative collective he calls "Private Garden". Signed to Atlantic Records and DJ Drama’s GenerationNow imprint, Harlow has been taking over the scene and continues to push the boundaries with his brand's platform. Inspired with how similar our stories were, we created a few items for his upcoming tour. We share one mission, to create a platform so everyone can eat.

The design story for this project was inspired by YMCA Boys and Girls Club. It’s a place where you spend constant summers creating memories and sharing bonds with other people - just like we did with the friends we grew up with. The club itself is just a safe environment for youth to develop the skills they love and seek interest in. Coincidently, we find ourselves developing that same way with the cliques and friends we grow up with overtime. The identity of the group shapes who we are and influences certain traits of our personalities. We share experiences, influences, and celebrate life together. The backstory is the same regardless if you grew up in a YMCA or not. Our brands just exemplify that bond.

Both brands stand for one thing: To create a platform for the people around you so they can develop their own talents and eat with you.