This project was in collaboration with World Soccer Shop, one of the biggest distributors of soccer apparel and equipment in the United States. We designed three kits to celebrate Carnival 2019 in Brazil. All kits were sent to Brazil to be photographed during the scenes of the large festival. Our design challenge was to emphasize the impact that Brazil has in the footballing world, using design cues from the roots of their culture.

Brazilian National Team

We sourced the National Team jerseys of Brazil’s most iconic footballing legends. We chose Kaka, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo. Each jersey was sourced between the years of 1998-2008, which was the golden era for Brazilian football. The design inspiration behind this piece was Brazil’s national flag. The rhombus shape and blue disc wrapped around the words “order and progress” in Portuguese. We replicated the rhombus and applied Ronaldo’s legendary number 9 jersey and applied it to the jersey we created. The number surrounded by a circle is also a iconic design moniker for nike jerseys during this era as well. Nike created its Total 90 campaign around the same design moniker in 2006. These players unified a nation and their influence spread throughout footballing world. Even as time has passed their influence can still be seen in play of todays footballers.

Neymar’s Career

For this piece we sourced all the club jerseys of Brazilian superstar Neymar. His club progression includes the likes of Santos, Barcelona and Paris St. Germain. He is the current face of Brazils footballing scene and is on track to be one of the greatest Brazilian footballers of all time. We constructed the jersey with pieces of each club he played for. The large number 10 on the front is used to symbolize his jersey number for Brazilian national team and purposely positioned on the left portion of the body alluding to the fact that he’s the heart of Brazil’s footballing culture.

Heritage of Brazil’s Sèrie A

This piece was my personal favorite. We paid homage to Brazil’s most infamous club teams as a testament to the rich culture and talent that Brazil has brought to the world stage of football. It was a daring task to fuse all of the teams together, especially as rival clubs, but we seen a bigger picture. The design objective was to add dialogue on how each one of these clubs played a huge role in Brazil’s footballing climate and the talent they present to the world. They are unified sharing that responsibility as of the biggest footballing countries in the world. Their rivalry simply comes from the ego of trying being the face of that responsibility. Each jersey predates the year 1995 to highlight the quality of Brazilian football. The rich textiles and design of these jerseys during this time period was unmatched, and it was the ultimate way to give this piece its proper feel.

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